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We are success junkies. We collect team and personal productivity tools, articles and websites from the best thinkers on business and leadership, books, methodologies, great quotes, and links to podcasts for the drive home or that long business flight.  Want to see them and join us?  We promise we will not share your info, nag you, or try to sell you anything.  We just want you to be part of our tribe.

A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.
— Seth Godin, Tribes 

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You may have seen the TAKE ACTION buttons here on the site. The best way to take your leadership to the next level is not to read about it, or talk about it, it’s to take action. If you want to know more about EOS® and how you can have a framework to produce results, or you are intrigued by the chance to join a group of high-performing CEOs, or you have an upcoming event, or would like an introduction to our trusted-network of service companies, or something off the wall, just click that button for a 20 minute no-obligation call



Another value for clients is access to the Clients Only section of our website. That area is dedicated to secure communication between BrewerLeadership and the companies and individuals we do business with. It includes a private calendar, member-only events, and access to files and information that we cannot share with the general public.

Our clients also have access to our trusted network of service providers on a personal introduction basis. These firms include:

  • Investment banks to help you raise capital, sell your company or grow your business by acquisition

  • Companies to help you market your venture, evaluate your people, train your salesforce, work on manufacturing issues, or implement software packages

  • Outsourcing firms to help you manage your workforce, develop the next killer product or manufacture overseas

  • Coaches and other peer groups to help you invest in you

  • Fractional resources to step in on accounting, marketing or other projects as required

  • Recruiting and human capital development organizations to fill that gap on your team

  • Professionals for wealth management, personal accounting and insurance needs

  • Groups and associations to help you fill a board seat or make the right business connection