It’s about them and it’s about you.

Sure, our clients face common problems. They have strong competitors, need capable senior teams, face regulatory pressures and must balance the need for capital and return. All while being human; balancing time and resources with their own personal goals, family dynamics, communication styles and good and bad habits.

The challenges are different every time but solved in the much same way. Our process starts by asking powerful questions and then listening. Listening in an uncommon way. Not for what can we sell you but listening for what you need. Listening not for how we can be indispensable, but for how we can help you meet your challenges and move on.

If the client stories below echo some of your challenges, take action. During a short 20 minute call, we will mutually decide if the conversation should continue. When was the last time you stepped back and looked “at” your business, instead of just being “in” your business?

What our clients say


Helping clients make the best decisions

Working with BrewerLeadership has helped us examine why we make the decisions we make. Often our decisions were motivated by fears or emotions rather than the best business strategy. Having a trusted business confidant to discuss ideas with is now a critical part of our decision-making process.
— Tom, CEO of a pharma software company
BrewerLeadership and the EOS business framework has helped us identify who will step up and who should step out. We now have processes that work and numbers that matter. Perhaps the biggest impact is in our weekly meeting where each of our senior team is accountable for his or her numbers. As a team, we solve our biggest issues once and move on.
— Marilyn, COO DFW construction company

Leading a step-by-step methodology for growing companies


Making every voice matter

Jim brings a fresh and insightful perspective to every discussion. He is adept at bringing diverse voices and opinions together to collectively address tough issues – and ensuring that no one feels overridden or left out!
— Susan, #2 at a $100m organization
The reason we like to work with BrewerLeadership clients is two-fold. Their companies are not struggling to survive, they are looking to grow and get better. Even more importantly, they know the questions they are addressing.
— Mark, CEO in our trusted partner network

Helping you thrive
not just survive


A place where leaders
help leaders

It has been both challenging and rewarding to be part of the CEO Peer Group. I have learned first-hand lessons from the hundreds of years of business experience of my peers and our monthly speakers. The group has been there to help me craft my own style and deal with the difficult personal issues of leadership.
— Shane, leader of a mid-size investment bank