OK, something happened. You were reading the website and it resonated with you. Maybe you pictured yourself surrounded by other great entrepreneurs on one of our CEO Peer Boards. Maybe you thought about the value of a framework to keep your team on track, or have some wild-hair idea or sticky situation that you would like to spitball with someone. That’s when you pick up the phone and call me, Jim Brewer.

Before you set up the call, I will make you three promises.

  1. I will not try to sell you anything. After a brief chat discussing your issues and goals, you and I will decide together if it makes sense to continue talking.

  2. The Las Vegas rule applies. Yep, what you and I discuss is strictly confidential.

  3. You will get tangible value from our conversation. Describing your challenges and opportunities with the right person often creates new insights and awareness. And by making the call you have already taken action–instead of just thinking about it.

Ready? Have your calendar at hand and click the button below. If you don’t find a time that works, send me an email at Jim@BrewerLeadership.com. We will find time in the next few days to talk.