Leadership Programs 


The EOS® System

EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses.

In just four days over the next quarter, and seven days this year, you will know how to put the right people in the right seats and hold them accountable. Your leadership team will use concise metrics to manage the business. Every department will understand and refine their core processes. Every employee will share your vision. Your customers and prospects will know who you are and what you can do for them.

By mastering this simple way of operating and leveraging expanded EOS tools, BrewerLeadership EOS Implementors will help your organization systematically and permanently produce results.


By-Invitation-Only Vistage Peer Groups

It’s not for everyone. You must be nominated by a current member, one of our board chairs, or by a member of our trusted network of service companies. It’s for leaders who are not willing to settle for the status quo and are ready to challenge everything from their business models to personal issues. It takes time, commitment and the ability to be accountable to yourself and to your fellow members. And, it works. Our members grow twice as fast as their competitors, work fewer hours with more results and have more fun.

BrewerLeadership partners with Vistage Worldwide, founded in 1957 where over 24,000 business leaders participate in peer advisory board activities each month. There are other peer advisory organizations and other Vistage groups in the DFW area. They are not like ours.

Call now to find out if there is an opening on one of our elite CEO peer advisory boards for a company in your industry and discover if you might be a fit for our elite SEAL teams of business leaders.


Personal Coaching and Team Building

Sure, you’re successful. But great leaders aren’t born knowing all the answers. Sometimes you just feel stuck. That’s where BrewerLeadership comes in.

  • Ready for a confidante that has been part of the INC Magazine #1 fastest growing company? Let’s meet regularly and discuss why success is difficult to sustain.

  • Looking at a new business model to launch a product or business? In a one-day session, you will be able to decide to invest resources or walk away.

  • Do you know where you stand with the leaders in your company? BrewerLeadership has conducted long-form interviews with entire leadership teams to improve communication and feedback.

No matter what your issue, BrewerLeadership will we give you the tools, the strategies and outside perspective you need to get unstuck and take on your toughest challenges.


What now? 

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