When Sales Are Easy

When sales come easy, what’s next?

When sales come easy, what’s next?

by Jim Brewer

As I joked in my bio, I started my sales career raising money for my Boy Scout troop by selling brooms. It’s hard to image an easier sale than walking up to a house in small town America wearing a Boy Scout uniform, selling a product that almost everyone needs, and for a good cause. Not to mention, our brooms were made by blind workers.

That does not explain why I was the top fundraiser in my troop and the larger Boy Scout council of northern Ohio. I didn’t work any harder than other top scouts nor did my mom or dad strong-arm the people they worked with into buying my brooms.

I learned an important secret. I simply maximized each sale. Everyone had a driveway, a garage and a basement. Of course, they had a broom! The easy sale would be the least expensive broom in our booklet. That one they would buy out of charity or guilt; an instant $5-$7 dollars. But instead, I sold the higher-priced push brooms for $20-$25 dollars. Driveways are much easier with push brooms. If they didn’t buy the push broom, I could still go for the easy sale.

When your sales are easy, is there a more expensive product, a longer commitment that you can secure? How can you maximize your return and take advantage of a favorable market?

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Jim Brewer